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Buy - Trade

Desirah is a large buyer of rough diamonds and gold no matter the specifications. Should you own rough diamonds or gold wishing to sell them to us, feel free to contact us. We are committed to propose fair prices in accordance with the current market conditions.
Important: We will only look at rough diamonds which include the KPC certificate, unless it is at the place of origin, and they have not yet been exported.

Sell - Trade

Strategic Relationships afford Desirah exclusive access to the markets, such as auction houses, private and corporate clients, retailers, cutters, asset managers and family offices.

The right off taker is often key to success and depends on multiple factors as well as current market demands. Buy Sell is a tactical strategy whether selling hard assets, art or other tangible assets. Desirah sells its own sourced goods and can help you scale and achieve the same required standards.


Desirah with its supporting banking partners are accustomed to providing finance for our clients. Increased ROI can be achieved through detailed and professional operations.

Feel free to reach out should you require finance solutions.


You are planning to establish a new diamond company, to execute your first purchase in gemstones and rough diamonds, or need the correct strategic partners to obtain? Learn more from Desirah’s extensive expertise and knowledge. Desirah’s economic policy is tailored to offer transparent, success-oriented, and comprehensible support at all times, overachieving expectations in every aspect of your engagement.  


No matter if you own rough diamonds, polished diamonds, or other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. Our company is here to help you finding the real market prices for your tangible assets.

Our internal team is based of gemstone professionals who operate under GIA graduates with more than 30 years of expertise and experience. Reach out and learn more.

Our Strategy

- Profitability and ROI at different transactional phases based on strategy and cash flow (predefined exits to recoup and reinvest capital profits)

- Most of our operations adhere to this consistent process

- Strategic Partnerships with reputable and notable entities

- Unlimited scalability based on ability to secure rough diamonds and gold at the best price points


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Desirah DMCC
Almas Tower, Level 54,
JLT Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Company Info

KPC Nº: KP-MEM-151178

Company Registration Nº: DMCC96629
Trade License Nº: DMCC-349267
TRN Nº: 100597405800003