Desirah is a registered and licensed DMCC firm with offices in Dubai, Porto and London. The company embodies unique access to markets and has an established track record in the diamonds, precious minerals and gold industry.

Desirah is a Kimberley Process member and has maintained a qualified trade license, regulated with DMCC standards in UAE, for over six years. The firm is an accredited buyer with DeBeers, ODC (Okavango Diamond Company), Lucara, and other artisanal aggregators that allow for fluid supply of rough assets both governmental and privatized.

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Desirah DMCC
Almas Tower, Level 54,
JLT Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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KPC Nº: KP-MEM-151178

Company Registration Nº: DMCC96629
Trade License Nº: DMCC-349267
TRN Nº: 100597405800003